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ZBL-R800 Multi Function Rebar Detector


ZBL-R800 Multi Function Rebar Detector

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ZBL-R800 is a multi-functional integrated rebar detector which can be used
for testing the thickness of protective layers, measuring the diameter,
location, and distribution of rebar as well as for detecting the corrosion
content of a rebar.
● Multi function rebar detector = rebar locator + rebar corrosion detector;
an economical and convenient device;
● This model features the world’s first wireless onsite data transfer function
for such a device and remote management is also available;
● Data can be stored on a usb-thumb drive, great for field work;
● This device can generate rebar distribution map and rebar corrosion
potential contour graph;
● Powerful professional analysis-process software allows for the
automatic generation of test reports.


pplicable range Ф6mmФ50mm Corrosion detection
Single electrode Double electrode
Protective layer thickness range
First range Second range Measuring range ±1000mV 01000 mV
398 3196 Accuracy ±1mV ±1mV
±1 mm 656 379 Tested points Interval X 0100 adjustable 20 fixed Maximum allowed
error for protective
±2 mm 5769 80119 Tested points interval Y 0100 adjustable 0100 adjustable
±4 mm 7098 120196 Power Built-in chargeable lithium battery
Maximum allowed error for
diameters measurement
±1 rebar standard level Battery Time >38 hours
Data transmission wireless transmission Dimensions 212mm´134mm´50mm
USB port thumb drive storage available Weight 0.9kg


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