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STZSZ-1 Four-bladed Vane Shear Testing Apparatus


STZSZ-1 Four-bladed Vane Shear Testing Apparatus

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Application: This apparatus is used to determine the
natural shearing strength of the saturated soft clay.
Strength testing results of some soft clay with high
sensitivity subjects to be improper and rest on sampling.
This apparatus can obtain more precise strength indication.
It is recommended to be used together with drilling
equipments as four bladed vane shear testing apparatus
measures strength by drilling holes. It is able to test clay
whose depth less than 30 meters.
1. Size of the four-bladed vane:Ö75mm×150mm,
×100 mm
2. Torquemoment of the steel ring: 80N.m
3. Precision of the torquemoment: 0.55 N.m
4. Guide stem: Ö30mm
5. Size of the machine: 430mm
×910mm×220mm (L×W×H)
6. Weight: 40kg


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