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STNLD-4 Electric Cement Mortar Flow Table


STNLD-4 Electric Cement Mortar Flow Table

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Application: the flow table is used for determining the
flow of mortar. The cam system driven by a motor, the
control panel with digital counter automatically stopes
the apparauts at the end of the test cycle.
Technical Parameter:
1. Total Weight of Pulsatory Part: 4.35Kg±0.15Kg
2. Drop height: 10mm
3. Diameter of round table: 300mm
4. Flow mould: 70mm and 100mm diameter X 60mm deep.
5. Tamper: 20mm diameter, 200mm long;
6. Drop times of every cycle: 30 times
7. Drop period: 30 seconds
8. Power 220V 50Hz


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