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STMH-5 Enclosed Los Angeles Abrasion Machine


STMH-5 Enclosed Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

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ASTM C131, EN1097-2, AASHTO T-96

Description: The los Angeles test is particularly
noisy. Enclosed Los Angeles abrasion machine
provides a special sound proof cabinet.
Application: The Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
is used as a quality control tool for aggregates,
including crushed rock, gravel and slag. The testing
method determines the degradation when subjected
to abrasion, attrition, impact and grinding.
Technical parameters:
1. Diameter x length :710 x 510 mm
2. Drum rotation speed: 30-33 rpm
3. Working voltage: AC380V or AC220V
4. Counter: 5 digits, adjustable, automatic shut-off;
push-button reset and adjustment.
5. Set of 12 steel balls: 48mm, 390-445g;
6. Steel tray for specimen unloading
1. Heavy steel cylinder and base frame
2. Dust proof cover plate
3. Adjustable shelf positions
4. Safety stop button
5. Enclosed type with good sound-proofing


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