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STLLJ-3 Computer Control Tension Testing Machine


STLLJ-3 Computer Control Tension Testing Machine

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This type tensile testing machine used for testing tension
power of both metallic and non-metallic materials such as
rubber, plastic, textiles, waterproofing material, wire and
cable, safe belt, leather belt composite materials, net wire,
steel, stainless steel, metal rod, plates and other materials.
By use suit accessories, it also can perform compression,
bending and flexure test.


1) Max. tension power: 10-50KN
2). Range: 10-50KN
3). Testing power accuracy: better than 1%
4). Between two clamps largest net spacing distance: 500mm
).Speed rate: 10~110mm/min
6). Speed control accuracy: better than 1%
7). Machine grade: better than one grade
.Work voltage: AC 380V±10% or AC 220V±10%


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