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STDJ-4A Enclosed Automatic Compactor (Middle one blow)


STDJ-4A Enclosed Automatic Compactor (Middle one blow)

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Description: This machine automatically compact
specimens, eliminating the laborious hand compaction
method. The height and weight of the rammer are
adjustable to suit test requirements. The rammer
travels across the mould and the table rotates the
mould in equal steps on a base that is extremely
stable, the table also pushes forward and pulls back
the mould. Compaction cycle: the mould is pushed
forward and rotated, getting six blows at the side in
different directions; then pulled back and got one
blow in the middle. The number of blows per layer
can be set at the beginning of the test.
1. Rammer: Circular faced, 50 mm dia, adjustable
to 2.5 kg and 4.5 kg weight.
2. Drop: Adjustable to 300 mm and 450 mm
3. Motor
:370W, 1400 r/min.
4. Dimensions 380
×640×1350 mm
5. Package weight: 260 kg
Features: Enclosed type, good sound-proofing,
Microcomputer control, ABS plastic vertical control
cabinet. Pre-set blow pattern ensures even
compaction; base plate can automatically pull and
push, one blow in the center


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