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STCT-5 Full Automatic Bitumen Extraction Apparatus


STCT-5 Full Automatic Bitumen Extraction Apparatus

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Application: determination of the quantitative amount
of bitumen in bituminous paving mixtures whilst providing
high safety to the operator.
1. Working voltage:380V×10% or 220V×10%
2. Motor power:1.5KW
3. Rotation speed: 5,500rpm, 11,000rpm
4. One extraction takes 40 min
5. Environment temperature shall between 5 C and 45 C
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6. Working temperature is between 0 C and 100 C 7. o o
Solvent quantity required for one extraction is 10 Liter
8. Specimen bowl diameter is 120mm
9. Four sieves (0.075, 0.15, 0.6, 2.36mm) to be placed
inside the funnel for complete separation are supplied
Features: Stainless steel cabinet and ABS plastic controller;
automatic extraction and solvent recovery; easy to operate,
convenient in application.


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