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STCJJ-300B/500B Pendulum Impact Testing Machine


STCJJ-300B/500B Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

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This apparatus used for test impact resistance
feature on dynamic load of metal material.
Max.impact energy: 300/500 J
Moment of pendulum: 160, 7695, 80, 3848 N.m
Impact speed: 5.2 m/s
Angle of elevation of pendulum: 150mm
Distance from impact center to axis: 750mm
Anvil block span: 40mm
Radius of corner of anvil block: 1.1.5mm
Curvature radius of impact blade: 2-2.5mm
Bezel of impact blade: 30
Width of impact blade: 16mm
Resolution power of indicator: 2/1


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