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FSY-150 Cement Negative Pressure Lab Sieve (Eco-friendly)


FSY-150 Cement Negative Pressure Lab Sieve (Eco-friendly)

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Application: Lab sieve is widely used to determine
cement fineness. Air flow takes the role as dynamic
media. The whole system is under negative pressure,
specimen under test will be in flow state under the
action of airflow sprayed by the rotating gas nozzel,
and travel along with airflow. Fine particles whose
size smaller than sieve aperture are extracted away,
leaving particles whose size larger than sieve aperture.
1. Voltage:AC220V
2. Power:600W
3. Feeding: 25g
4. Fineness range: 0.030~1.000mm
5. Sieve time range: 0-599sec
6. Negative pressure: 4000-6000 Pa
7. Noise


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