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Vibration transducer:
Integrated, annular shear type acceleration
transducer (only for integrated type)
Separate, built-in electric charge amplifier,
shear type acceleration transducer (only for
separate type)
Temperature transducer:
Type K thermoelectric couple transducer (only for
EMT220 with temperature measuring function)
Detector: Root Mean Square
Vibration measurement scale:
Displacement: 0.001~1.999 mm (peak to peak)
Velocity: 0.01~19.99 cm/s (r.m.s. value)
Acceleration: 0.1~199.9 m/s2 (peak value)
Vibration acceleration: ≤ 199.9 m/s2 (peak value)
Temperature measurement scale:
-20~400°C(only for EMT220 with temperaturemeasuring function)
Vibration measurement: ±5% Measurement value;
±2 Digits
Temperature measurement: ±1% Measurement
value; ±1 Digit
Vibration Frequency Range:
10~1 kHz (Normal type)
5~1 kHz (Low frequency type)
1~15 kHz (only at “HI” position for acceleration)
Display: Digits liquid crystal display
Sample period: 1 second
Vibration measurement value readout:
Displacement: Peak to peak value
Velocity: Root mean square (r.m.s.)
Acceleration: Peak value (r.m.s.×√2)
Readout-keeping function:
Readout of vibration / temperature value can
be remembered after releasing the Measure Key
(Vibration / Temperature Switch)
Output Signal:
2V AC (peak value) (load resistance above 10 kΩ at
full measuring scale)
Power supply:
6F22 9V laminated cell
Battery life about 30 hours for continuous use
Power on / off:
Power up when pressing Measure Key (Vibration /
Temperature Switch)
Power automatically shut off after releasing the
Measure Key for one minute
Operating condition:
Temperature: 0~50°C
Humidity: ≤ 90% RH
Dimension: 185mm×68mm×30mm
Net weight: 200g


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