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BJHT-1 Digital Concrete Hammer


BJHT-1 Digital Concrete Hammer

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BJHT-1 is popularly used for quality inspection company to make
supervisory monitoring, random monitoring, on-the-spot testing, and also
used for sampling and laboratory center. No need to manual calculation.
Machine automatically compute and show result.
z Smart design; Convenient to carry;
z True color LCD display screen. Easy to operate and make your work efficient.
z The voice function allows testing personnel not to see the value and improve test
z USB interface, easy to connect with PC. No need to install any drive program.
z Advanced low power consumption; working more than 16 hours;


Standard impact energy 2.207J
Rigidity of tension spring 785N/M
Stroke of rebound hammer 75mm
Average rebound hammer on steel anvil Rm 80±2
Measuring Range 10~60Mpa
Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Error range for digital displayer: ≤±0.5
Working Time 16 Hours
Working Temperature -10℃~+50
Working Humidity 90%RH
Net weight: 1.1Kg


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